/Agency Software – How to find the right
Agency Software – How to find the right

Agency Software – How to find the right

Standard or custom software solution? How to find the right software provider for your business.

Finding the right software provider is now not so easy. There are currently over 80 different offerings on the market, which are not all equally suitable for professional use. Not every Provider uses standard software; customized solutions are also an option.

What makes software provider?

Of course, various products set various specialities. In principle, however, offer any professional product solutions for the provision of administrative and production processes in agencies. To accounting, it is controlling and personnel management as well as e-mail clients, project plans, proposals, address management, and more. Prices are vastly different, while quite extensive and complex professional software can cost € 1000 per job, simple software is already available for a low monthly rent. However, it appears in practice that the more expensive products tend to offer more features and comprehensive support. The current market leader in the accessible job software provider, which counts among its customers, especially large companies and agencies such as the vanguard group, the German Railway Media & Book or Reichl & Partner. For smaller agencies, such a solution might be too costly. A comprehensive market overview, see here.

How to find the right software provider?

The right product can often be found right away. Ultimately, it can pay off to invest a bit more initially. Because when you realize later that the selected product but not to their own, individual needs or fits that essential features are missing, follow a difficult and sometimes expensive resaddle. The biggest problem in practice is that the requirements of each agency are far too different. Event agencies have different requirements for their business software, such as PR agencies and advertising agencies. Not every product on the market is for each provider type equally suitable. Therefore, you should first create a list of features that will be covered by the software. The following questions may be helpful also:

* The software offers all the features you need? * Is it compatible with the internal IT infrastructure? * What is the usability for all employees? * Which references the Provider? * What is the personal attention of the support? * If the software is future-oriented? * What are the costs? * Is the price-performance ratio is acceptable?

It is generally advisable to test various software products first. Some suppliers offer for this purpose on a test account. Also, you should take the time to seek advice at least from the favoured companies comprehensively. Finally can also phone calls to the reference customers be enlightening and help you decide for a software provider.

Individual software as an alternative?

Custom software should always be the last option because this solution is not only the most expensive; it also poses several risks. Remember that you are not a particular software can be tested in advance, you can merely rely on the references of the developing company.