/And you’ve never touched a picture on Facebook?
And you’ve never touched a picture on Facebook?

And you’ve never touched a picture on Facebook?

To hear the results of a research of Dove, women cheat on Facebook. Precisely the opposite of what was stated by Samsung survey indicated instead that the attitude of the users as more sincere than that of men. For the giant soap – that for years, it must be said, pointing its advertising campaigns on normality of women’s bodies – more than 40 per cent of surveyed retouched their photos before posting them on Facebook, 75 per cent admit to having destroyed some images do not precisely flatter and the same percentage of being unattractive, ugly or too fat in the photos.

The survey also found that 77 per cent of the 500 women surveyed said they feel anxious after uploading a photo on the web, to an extent more significant than that of a first date or a job interview. In addition, 46 per cent of surveyed removed a tag from a photo in which they had come evil and, in fact, 41 per cent admit to having improved its appearance with photo editing before you put your photos online. A third of women said that it has begun to worry about their appearance, and thus have become timider frontally camera, at an age between 11 and 20 years.

In short, women – to feel Unilever, the multinational that owns the trademark Where – are very concerned about their image. Yeah, too bad that the analysis does not provide a comparison with male behaviour. But are we really sure that this is a gender issue? Really the males are less vain?

Another fact that makes you think – beyond the sexes – is how Facebook has changed our relationship with our image. According to a famous American plastic surgeon, social networks and the continuing spread of photographs, they took us to a distortion of perception of beauty. And the reason is straightforward – explains Dr Tornambe on the site of Oprah. “Through the network, we are literally bombarded with images of models, actors, often retouched with Photoshop.” Our brain, then, you get used to thinking that the standards of beauty are those, unreal, that once we were offered only by glossy magazines and now assimilate all day.

Digital photography also allows us to do at no cost many more shots than it was before. As well as application filters make us look beautiful even with bags under the eyes, just wake up. Seem more interesting. Therefore, it has become more comfortable.