/Apple Products and New iPhone 5s Speculation
Apple Products and New iPhone 5s Speculation

Apple Products and New iPhone 5s Speculation

Apple is a powerhouse in the computer and mobile device business, so much so that the iPhone has become the most popular cell phone owned by Americans. This is partly because the success of iPhone app development that lets anyone with the technical know-how create their mobile applications.

Rumours and Speculation

The iPhone series has caused a fair amount of controversy when it comes to which the iPhone is the best. As people all over the world covet this type of phone, even more, Apple is about to release the iPhone 5s during the summer of 2013. Written documents leaked by KDDL, a telecom operator based in Japan, show that on June 20, Apple will start taking pre-orders, with the new model hitting stores sometime the next month.

Nothing is too small to speculate about when a product gets people excited – think teen idol superfans. What will this new phone be called? It is the sixth in the series of iPhones but is not expected to be named the iPhone 6.

There have also been thoughts that the written document that leaked the info regarding pre-orders was leaked on purpose by Apple. They have done it before. This is because from June 10 to June 14 of 2013, Apple will be running the Worldwide Developers Conference. It’s there; people believe that the iPhone 5s will be announced. This means they will, at that time, prove the KDDL document to be wrong. There is also speculation that Apple’s main focus during the conference is to announce upgrades for their line of Apple Mac Books, as opposed to the new iPhone.

New Products For 2013

New products are being created by the iPhone app development community somewhere near you to create entertainment, connections and education for users. The size of the iPhone app store is a major draw for buyers, and its success and ability to make money is a major draw for app developers.

Apple is also focusing on offering new products to gadget lovers everywhere. There are many Apple products rumoured to be making their debut this year, including the Apple TV 4. While this won’t be a fully-fledged TV like you’re used to, the Apple TV 4 is expected to be the newest smarter-set top box. Previous versions of this type of TV don’t allow you to watch broadcast programs but connect you to the digital Apple stores and streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix. Apple TV 4 will allow you access to the basic functions of a TV and give you the ability to watch network programming.

Rumours are circulating that in 2013 Apple will finally release a music subscription service called iRadio. Apple is now in the process of working with three record companies to make the iRadio a reality.

With the release of many new Apple products, now is a great time for an iPhone app developer to get their products into Apple’s digital stores. While rumours and speculation will continue to surround the Apple company and its products, only time will tell which new developments will end up on store shelves and which ones will quickly fade into oblivion. Apple’s track record lately is pretty good.

As Apple continues to make such an impact on the world of computers and mobile devices, consumers will likely continue to help their bottom line.