/Build a Mobile Piece by Piece
Build a Mobile Piece by Piece

Build a Mobile Piece by Piece

Google and Motorola are working on a new system so you can build your phone to your whim and change its parts as if it were a computer.

Surely many would like to have with mobiles the same freedom you have with desktop computers: change parts, choose the ones you like and build it to your liking. This may sound impossible; it might be possible by a Google initiative by Motorola, called Ara Project.

Assembling your mobile

The idea is simple: the phone settles in different modules, each with a special function (the processor, RAM, connectivity chips, etc.) which would be connected together like Lego on a skeleton (housing) particularly. Would you agree to do something? For the project ” Phone blocks “we announced a few weeks ago, with which work together. The advantages of this are many: these modules can be replaced in case one fails or if you want to update the phone. But this is not limited to Motorola: the idea is to be an open standard, and different manufacturers can create parts, all compatible with each other. So you join Snapdragon processor, a Sony, HTC speakers. Combinations could be endless.

Not everything is so easy

So yes, this business model would have to overcome some problems: first, the larger companies could no longer get a cellphone “selling” every year, reducing their profits (with this system you change the processor, upgrade the software and is). Then the users, the system would have to be very, very easy to use for adoption by the general public, at least much simpler to assemble a computer. Finally, you have to see to what extent technically feasible. Things like changing internal processors and chips are not yet possible in most portable devices much larger, more scalable. By now, we have to wait and see how it progresses. Hopefully, Google makes this possible as ultimately the more we benefit us, the tecnonautas.