/Connected TV: the future of the touch pad?
Connected TV; the future of the touch pad

Connected TV: the future of the touch pad?

We were in 2013, and the touchpad seems to emerge as the new hi-tech reference. It came as a flush tide flood the shelves of phone and computer. Today we will go further and talk about what could be the evolution of the touchpad: Connected TV! The connected TV can have two meanings. The first is a television that can be multimedia, we speak here of television channels that are vision able whatever the ring road. Indeed long programs were accessible only via a television and internet enters the home and TV tuner cards (even if they have not been so successful) is enabled many households watch their favourites on their PC screen programs.

Compatible development on any TV

The second definition of television connected is one that concerns us today. It is a tactile television. Topic since the brand Archos has announced the release of its Archos TV Connect, a system that turns any TV into a giant touchpad! How? Using an HD camera that will film the movements of the user and passed these movements into action on the TV. This system is based on the Android OS and promises great things. Such systems already exist, but no big brand was launched so far in the battle with such a sophisticated and compatible system. The price of the device is very affordable; in fact, the announcement was made at a price not exceeding 130 euros.