/Google ready with his “anti-theft” for Smartphones
Google ready with his “anti-theft” for Smartphones

Google ready with his “anti-theft” for Smartphones

When it comes to computer security, you always think of malware, viruses, hackers and other threats so many “intangible” forgetting that theft and loss are much more prevalent cyber-attacks. In addition, if it is true that it can be annoying catch a virus, lose the smartphone is a tragedy: a phone costs a lot and then we are on our photos, calendar, text messages and the history of Skype or WhatsApp. The first precaution to take, then, is to set a password to lock the phone. There will remember where we left off the device, but at least the data will be safe. If we want something more, and we should, in good stead the new app that Google will launch by the end of August. It’s called Android Device Manager and works on any Android device with version 2.2 onwards. Thanks to a service related to our Google account, just lose a visa our phone, just connect to the web (using their smartphones to a friend or the computer at home) to let him launch a loud alarm that will tell us where it is.

SMARTPHONE SECURITY – In addition to cases of theft, this feature is also useful if you are particularly messy and you will always miss your cell phone when you are in a hurry on our doorstep. However, if the problem is more serious and we do not hear the alarm (that resonates even if silent mode is active), we can use the location service: a blue circle will show us on the map of the city the location of the phone. Finally, if it’s not possible to retrieve the device, a third function will allow us to disable and delete all of our data in order to protect our privacy and that of our contacts. Apple has a service identical to this already active for years, but because Google has waited so long to provide one equal? Because obviously has left ample room for the software house to produce the app that would fill the void. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the risks are too few, and those who use them, and then the new Google app will be preloaded in future versions of Android. Yes, but as I do on vacation? Unfortunately for us, our holidays are already finished or winding down when I put the system online and go on vacation without protecting the device is never a good idea.

SENSITIVE DATA – Fortunately, as we said, right now the alternatives out there and they work very well. The app is the most widespread theft of Symantec Norton Antivirus and Security. Completely in Italian, allows you to lock via SMS or web interface on your smartphone or tablet, make him sound an alarm and even peek through the built-in webcam, so you understand where he is. These are standard functions that perform all the free app theft, and passing to the paid versions are also activated premium features such as the control of their Facebook page (to prevent someone from replacing us by posting on the bulletin board) or the phone lock when the Sim is replaced. A free feature we find very useful in Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite that incorporates, in addition to barring and recovery of the phone, a filter Stalking able to block incoming calls and SMS from unwanted users. The function that allows you to display a message on the screen of your smartphone lost or stolen, however, is paid as part of the whole virus — all functions at no cost.

A TEST FOR 30 DAYS – For those who do not just want a system against theft and loss, but did not want to spend the money immediately of activation fees, on Google Play is F-Secure Mobile Security that works perfectly and thorough manner for 30 days. In this way, you can see if and how invasive bring an antivirus in your pocket. F-Secure Mobile Security supports the sending of SMS messages even in the free version and when the thief changes the SIM to our device, send a text message to a number that we had reset with the details of the new card. In this way, you could even climb up to the thief and get him arrested. Finally, the mobile world is not lacking the offer of Avast. As on the PC, all functions are always free for personal use and then you can have a complete security suite at no cost. Unfortunately, it does not support notifications via SMS, and hence, unlike the others, you’re forced to have access to a PC or a smartphone to know if someone has changed the Sim to the phone lost.