/Holland: Taxis become Electric Scooters
Holland: Taxis become Electric Scooters

Holland: Taxis become Electric Scooters

MILAN – In the city of bicycles by definition, a new service of environmentally friendly transport and energy has just invaded canals and ancient streets of the centre. You Hopper, an organization of Amsterdam that has just set in motion 100/2 on two wheels by the electric motor, for a new national taxi service, which will soon become an alternative to bike-sharing and reach other Dutch centres.

TAXI TWO-WHEEL – The idea is a few years ago to a young Dutchman, Ruben Beugels. As in many other cases, part of a personal misfortune: in the queue on a tram on the streets of Amsterdam, he dreams of being able to reach his appointment in no time and starts to imagine alternative transport to cycling and public transport, uniting a touch of environmental consciousness. It is from here that Hopper was born, now funded, among others, by the City of Amsterdam and the National Railways: an eco-taxi service performed only electric scooter, thanks to a team of a hundred two-wheeled vehicles with a driver ready to run to his appointment with the passenger on duty.

Routes: the centre and the station, scooters run all the streets along the canals and in the old Dutch city where trams do not arrive, but also the streets of downtown traffic by car, taxi and bus traditional. Cart: only 2.50 EUR to achieve, just as happens in a taxi, the door where you have to attend. A sort of service, therefore, concentrated on the last mile of transport at a political price and very close to the bus-tickets (a single trip, without using any promotion or paper costs 2.70 euro in town).

MEANS TO SHARE – The means used by the consortium Hopper – for now 100 – electric scooters are green in colour, which can reach 25 miles per hour in the city. With a “full” run up to 130 kilometres. You can book via smartphone, via the Internet from your PC, phone, making an appointment for the time and place of departure and arrival. They are equipped with GPS (in fact have a TomTom to find destinations and get geological) and mounted in place of the trunk, a tablet that serves (also) from a digital billboard. From Amsterdam scooters Hopper reach by 2013 the cities of The Hague and Utrecht with so many means soon, just as it is with success all over the world with the bike-sharing, electric scooters will become the new means of transport exchange to walk the streets of downtown.