/How to choose your accessories XPERIA Z
How to choose your accessories XPERIA Z

How to choose your accessories XPERIA Z

Announced at CES 2013 in Las Vegas in January, the Sony XPERIA Z is the new flagship of Sony since its separation from Ericsson and proposes heavy with a very neat device and licked design. If since 2011, smartphones proudly wore slabs 4 inches, the Sony XPERIA Z inaugurated in the year 2013 the diagonal of 5 inches with a balanced resolution. Under the hood, four cores clocked at 1.5Ghz Qualcomm to animate the user interface house set on Android, coupled with 2GB of RAM, all, hold on tight, resistant to water and dust. That makes the new Sony XPERIA, a competitor to follow closely to the Galaxy S4 or HTC One, to name a few. If you then consider acquiring this gem, also consider offering him XPERIA Z Accessories for protection in Gsm55, e-shop, specializing in the sale of accessories for mobile. Here are our tips to spruce up your mobile.

The hulls for Sony XPERIA Z: Protection hands. With its excellent performance, no doubt your XPERIA Z will be severely tested. Then choose one of several models of hulls to Sony XPERIA Z offers you Gsm55. This shell must fit the shape of your XPERIA Z, so be sure to choose the appropriate model for your mobile. It must also allow free access to the connectors and devices on your mobile. Prefer materials that resist dust, scratches and breakage as silicone or polycarbonate.

The hulls for Sony XPERIA Z: Style and customization

Made from a highly successful rectangular Sony XPERIA Z is a Smartphone mat in design. Mark your difference and personalize your phone with a shell for Sony XPERIA Z. You can wear your favourite colour and why not add a touch of whimsy with shells decorated with different motifs: flowers, flags, butterflies, skulls, to reflect your personality. The hulls for Sony XPERIA Z branded by major fashion brands will add luxury to your outfit.

Accessories XPERIA Z already available in Gsm55

The Sony XPERIA Z seriously enough to seduce: elegant, reactive with an effective interface, Sony seems to have won his bet. To maximize the performance of mobile voting, do not hesitate to give him the accessories XPERIA Z Gsm55 already available. Find and screen protectors films for complete protection offered by Sony XPERIA shells Z. Gsm55, a specialist in mobile accessory. This article is brought to you by Gsm55, specialist mobile accessory. We are an e-commerce site specializing in the sale of accessories, covers, cases, batteries, chargers etc. Delivery is free and fast. Online payment is secure. Every week we offer many novelties.