/Hyperloop, capsule Travels at 1000 km/h
Hyperloop, capsule Travels at 1000 km/h

Hyperloop, capsule Travels at 1000 km/h

Connect San Francisco to Los Angeles -614 kilometres in just 30 minutes. Travelling at a speed of over 1000 km / h. With the ‘fifth means of transport’ – after car, train, plane and ship-created by Elon Musk, the volcanic Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded after Paypal, Space X and Tesla announce the new challenge: Hyperloop. The project rumours circulated for a while. With craft, Musk had made a filter to keep vigilant. As promised the ‘golden boy’ of the electric car unveiled its new “creature”.

ALTERNATIVE TO TAV – “I hope there are not too many mistakes,” admits on Twitter “we worked hard all night.” But what Hyperloop? The system is based on aluminium caps “fire” inside of steel pipes supported by pillars 30 meters high. Inside there WOULD include persons or goods. Musk says that Hyperloop is much more effective than a high-speed train, less invasive and less expensive than the one under construction in California: “Why spend 70 billion dollars to go 200 per hour? If we send the Mars rovers, we begin to build one of the slower trains in the world? “Argues on his blog.

OLD IDEA – What they do not explain is what energy is needed to power Hyperloop. The idea is not new; Musk knows this and does not hide it. By the theories of Robert Goddard, an American physicist of the first half of the twentieth century famous for his studies on missiles, to the more recent attempts of some multinational companies, the idea of a super-pneumatic pipe has never waned. But no one was able to demonstrate its feasibility. Musk knows this and provides some more details. The capsules would travel Hyperloop airborne inside the tubes by drawing air through a powerful fan in front and expelling it from behind. “The system is particularly suitable for connecting distant cities among them more than 1500 km with traffic problems,” explains the entrepreneur in California. The integral is the project in a file on the network released during the night.

TESLA – So much attention to Musk is explained by his dazzling career. With the money from the sale of Paypal, Musk decides to jump into the automobile business. Sounds crazy: While General Motors and Chrysler go bankrupt, he bet on electric technology. Find valuable allies in Silicon Valley: Larry Page, co-founder of Google; it takes the money from his own pocket. Among the Hollywood stars in the spider batteries soon became popular. On the hills of Beverly Hills like the new eco-rich. With skill, Musk receives funding from the U.S. government for the industrial conversion of the auto industry and returns them. After getting – at no cost-an establishment where produce new models. Is to Fremont, California, where he first came out of the Great Depression Toyota and General Motors in the name of an old joint venture. When Tesla debuted on Wall Street flies the title right away. Analysts appear sceptical but only briefly: the Tesla with a production capacity of just 30,000 cars per year has a market capitalization of more than $ 18 billion, Gm first manufacturer in the world – with more than 9 million vehicles sold-worth 49, a few more. Musk knocking at the gates of Toyota and Mercedes to develop their electric cars. Contracts that bring money into cash and a significant return of image. After you have changed the rules in the banking system through Paypal, you hired to NASA the first private rocket and challenged the giants of Detroit, will be able to impose itself in public transport?