/iPad and iPhone, incoming larger Screens?
iPad and iPhone, incoming larger Screens?

iPad and iPhone, incoming larger Screens?

The next step of Apple could be larger screens. According to reports from various Chinese suppliers, Cupertino is testing a 13-inch monitor for the iPad and a larger display than four inches for the iPhone. The move would feed the little compartment large monitor that Apple now has only two versions of the tablet, 9.7 and 7.9 inches, and the iPhone with its four inches.

DIVERSIFICATION FIRST – It is not yet clear whether these Two experiments will see the light, but the movie reveals how the road opened by Asian manufacturers with the phablet, the middle ground between smartphones and tablets. The diversification of devices to satisfy users as possible has led Samsung to conquer the smartphone market with a share of 33.1% compared to 17.9 of Apple in the tablet and to grow from 11, 3 to 17.9 per cent. In this area, Apple is the first with 39.6 per cent a year earlier, but its share amounted to 58.1.

FEW TESTS ARE IN PORT – It is still too early to read behind these new screens a new strategy in stark contrast to the earlier seen that Apple is known for several tests on its products, of which only a small percentage goes to port. The display than was changed less than a year ago, when the 3.5-inch iPhone 4S was replaced by 4-5-inch model while the iPad has shrunk by focusing on the 7.9 inches.

WAITING FOR NEXT IPHONE – To disrupt the situation, there is a suspicion that this is all smoke and mirrors. Given the imminent release of the new iPhone and the new version of the iPad, provided both for the autumn-winter 2013, these tests could be as distracting elements to cover the true characteristics of the new device. In fact, as you know, the next iPhone by will have screen size and resolution identical to its predecessor while the tablet will adopt the classic 9.7 inches but in a thinner and lighter version where the glass will be replaced by a plastic film resistant.

GLASSES SMART – In this struggle to the last inch, then there are two contenders ready to oust the portable devices. Let’s talk about the smartwatch and Smart Glass, watches and smart glasses arriving during the year, which could have broken any dispute on the monitors of the next generation. Both of which are proposed as a new way to interact with mobile devices, replacing the screen of the device with interfaces placed in front of our eyes or on the wrist. In the event take hold smartphones and tablets will become only the computers in your pocket, engines that process information to be displayed anywhere else. And in that case, we will see really a lot of inches.