/iPhone and iPad Games for the Family
iPhone and iPad Games for the Family

iPhone and iPad Games for the Family

Overview of possibilities of games for the iPhone or iPad to train cognitive abilities. Moreover the idea of playing “flippi”.

The “modern” era has brought new opportunities for knowledge on teaching cognitive skills. An option is the playful learning with digital media. This can be in different ways, both active, are performed as well as passively. Young people today are made from the beginning familiar with the technical tools, which not only means the passive consumption of TV content on a PC or games. The generation “iEducation” grows with small mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad. Since these are operated via multi-touch display, young people can also use the devices intuitively.

iPad and iPhone games for the family

In particular, the ease of use with the fingers, it allows control by “wiping”, “pull” or “push” to an application allows fast, intuitive grasp. The road to the child-friendly app (a request for a mobile device) is not far. Pleased that a market has already formed, which makes both the subject of “digital learning” and the possibilities of appropriate use for children advantage.

Educational apps are on the rise and sometimes know quite inspire the parents, for their children to time, there were not these opportunities. The applications, which primarily have the objective to promote cognitive abilities, are mostly determined by simple processes that are also without much guidance quickly understandable. So it is not surprising that nowadays is painted on the iPad or a similar device, stamped and drawn. Are the ideas discussed with experienced publishers and appropriately designed, then the learning progress is often inevitable.

flippi for iPhone and iPad

One of these applications is the newly released game flippi, which comes in two versions. Thus, from the AppStore for iPhone flippi and flippi for the iPad can be downloaded. The aim of the game is explained quickly: The child should learn to work with shapes and colours. This is shown at the beginning of one of twelve colourful and clearly detailed pictures of animals, which is divided into three parts. These parts have to be found out from the masses of all the animals and put together. The puzzle is presented over almost the entire screen so that the motor skills are not excessive attention is paid. The child has the dice with the puzzle pieces to rotate correctly in order to complete the desired animal. If successful, there is a little music.

On the iPad, the game just a bit more differentiated. Here, the large display is used to having to find three pairs. With this task, the app increases the demand somewhat compared to traditional memory. In the short term with “flippi memo” appears another game, which is based on the tried and true concept of memory and yet again not. There are no fixed rules. So the game can be played alone or with the whole family in a customary way by a pair is found or there are new rules set. Again, the promotion of concentration, interaction and creativity lies in the foreground and, incidentally, is the memory training.