/Mac or Windows PC?
Mac or Windows PC?

Mac or Windows PC?

All arguments, prejudices, and TV commercials aside, it basically comes down to a matter of personal preference. My personal preference is PC, although I do own a Mac. The Mac sits pretty in a little nook in my kitchen and is primarily used for quick internet surfing, looking up recipes, and keeping an eye on my teenager’s online activities. I purchased it even though it was a little on the pricey side, mostly because of its looks, being placed in a highly visible area of the house, and curiosity – seeing if an ‘old dog’ like me, could learn some new tricks.

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Having heard that Macs are impervious to viruses, this was another reason for the purchase, as I have a kid that has managed to infect every computer in the house. So far, which has been a little over one year, our Mac has remained virus-free and the only computer, the kids, are allowed to use. Kids, by the way, seem to adapt to the Mac very quickly and have fewer problems converting their brains from PC, like some of us stubborn adults. I have seen some great, almost professional-looking photo books, DVDs and slideshows come from these creative little minds! So, for its good looks and personality Mac gets an A+.

Personally, there are a few quirks that get on my nerves, such as the button-less mouse that comes with the Mac. It seems like they still have not progressed to the two-button mouse, not to mention the click wheel. When surfing, it seems that more sites work better on the PC and at a faster speed than the Mac. Using bookmarks/favourites also seems to be easier and cleaner on the PC than the Mac. Don’t even think about using Internet Explorer on the Mac; it’s extremely slow – Safari or Firefox are better options. As for multi-tasking, Windows wins hands down. In terms of reliability, I believe Mac has the edge, as error messages, crashes etc. are rare. I’ve heard that Macs do not crash, but on rare occasion, I’ve witnessed the eternal spinning colour-wheel, that may just as well have been a crash. Games? Games are what Playstation and Xbox are for (at least in our house), so I cannot speak for either system in regard to that arena.

As I said initially, it all boils down to personal preference. I like having both a Windows PC and a Mac because each one serves a different purpose in my particular situation. Both systems have their pluses and minuses; it basically depends on which type of applications you use most often, and the primary use your computer will serve, along with your comfort level and willingness to try something new.