/MYTHS AND TRUTHS about Android
MYTHS AND TRUTHS about Android

MYTHS AND TRUTHS about Android

Four things I’ve heard about Android, but they really are not true. In Tecnonauta Android review the myths, and we tell the truth about the Google operating system.

Android is the mobile operating system most widely used, according to the latest estimates, is present in 8 out of 10 phones. Being one of the most popular platforms, rumours and myths about its features and performance abound, and Tecnonauta reviews some of the crazier to tell what is being said around the world of Android.

1 – consume more battery power

One of the strongest criticisms levelled Android, is the short range of smartphones and tablets. On this myth, we must clarify that the battery performance depends on the specifications of the device. And with root privileges, you can achieve special configurations that increase battery life up to 3 times more than iOS. Everything depends on the device and as venturing out to explore in the different settings.

2 – All are equal Android

Who has not heard this before? While Android is present in most devices, it does not mean that all are equal. Each manufacturer of smartphones adheres your own applications and masks to give a different touch, both visually and to the interaction with the interface. Some of the best known are TouchWiz (Samsung) and Sense (HTC). Comparing this myth with the reality of iOS, Apple’s system loses. All their devices have the same operating system; the only difference is that the version and release new features are added or changes in visual style as the new iOS 7 minimalist.

3 – Viruses easily attack Android

Big mistake. While it is true that Android is one of the most attacked platforms recently, this is due to its popularity. By having so many users, hackers want to exploit the situation and steal information or illegal activities through our devices. But that does not mean that only connect to the Internet with Android and contracting a virus.

For our cell is infected have to download an application of dubious origin or open a suspicious email and download your content. If you just download the official client applications Google Play Store, most likely never be infected. Furthermore, in the event that the store Google can not detect a virus application, it is instantly denounced withdraws, to prevent spreading. Those who want you to believe that Android is an operating system that is easily infected, lie.

4 – Android’s Samsung

The last myth today, and already heard several times, mainly casual smartphone users and people who are not very aware of the world of telephony, is that “Android is Samsung”. It is a common mistake, and one side can be attributed to the excellent marketing campaign the Samsung Galaxy family. People who only identifies Android with Samsung is bypassing many premier manufacturers who have achieved excellent phones and tablets, such as Sony with its Xperia Z, the model HTC One or the increasingly common as Chinese mobile Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei. Limited to Samsung, which has a varied catalogue, you can blind us to the many options available on Android devices. Have you ever heard someone say any of these things? Do you know other myths or beliefs about Android that you could share?