/NEXUS 5: The Best Google Experience
NEXUS 5: The Best Google Experience

NEXUS 5: The Best Google Experience

Google strikes again with one of the best Android phones: The long-awaited Nexus 5. Analyze their news, strengths and justified the change. Features and specifications.

No bells or whistles Google officially launched what we all hoped and knew: the Nexus 5, brand new successor to the Nexus 4 and the result of his collaboration with LG. Let’s see its main innovations, whether it is worth the change and whether it is a worthy contender to the throne of best Android phone of 2013.

Display and Design: good improvements

What catches the attention (and what most improvement) in this phone is the screen. Now up to 4.95 inches with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 px. Not a big difference, but if you put it in front of a Nexus 4 noticeable improvement. In size and quality is very similar to what Galaxy S4 offers. One advantage is that this did not affect the thickness and weight of the phone, now is lighter ( only 130g ) and less thickness: 8.59 mm, so it is quite comfortable to use despite being big. That if the Design does not seem very inspired: the plastic finish that is not very elegant, at least not as much as the Nexus 4 or an Xperia Z1.

The camera takes centre stage

Another point where the camera is moved. Not in megapixels, which remain the eight mp Nexus 4, if not that now has optical stabilization. This technology facilitates moving pictures (such as while you are in a car) or night shots, to capture fully focused out. A camera functionality to note is HDR +. Not if they know the HDR, but is a function of the cameras to enhance photos in areas where there are many contrasts (how a sunset). Usually, the photo enhancement software and that’s it, but the Nexus 5 does something better: Take several shots with different approaches and combines, achieving a great result. Some features and more classic are taking pictures in 360 degrees or night mode. Will compete against a Lumia taking pictures at night? It remains to be seen.

The soul of the Nexus 5: Android 4.4

We will not discuss here all the latest Android 4.4 (that exist and are a few), but the most relevant for this new phone, which introduces the system and is, for now, the only thing that ever has. The highlight is the greatest Felicidad, multitasking and fluidity. This is achieved because the system uses less memory and is better optimized. Another optimization is in energy use: consume less battery, which is indispensable for something short of 2300 mAh batterer the Nexus 5. Some minor improvements: You can change the voice Google Now, hide the navigation buttons when you play, and sending to print documents with compatible printers.

Full specifications:

To avoid falling into hard technicalities, let’s stop here the full specification table for whoever wants to see. It highlights the new Snapdragon processor 800, which leaves, in terms of power is concerned, the Nexus 5 to the height of the great market and 4G support for fast networks such hopefully someday become popular.