/Samsung Galaxy S4, Personalized Tones, Vibration and LED
Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4, Personalized Tones, Vibration and LED

If you want your smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S4 then personalized full Aeronautic check out this tutorial where we show you how and what modifications can be made to notifications in the new high-end Samsung

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has different ways to tell us when there is a call, a text message or notification of applications or services, and customization of each of these aspects will help us to have a unique and differentiated mobile. Want to learn how to set the tone of your smartphone? In the Galaxy S4 have three ways to receive notifications: audio tones, shapes of vibration, and LED. Each of these elements can be configured in different ways, so it is very difficult to find two models S4 equal. In Aeronautical teach you to step by step to configure your phone tones.

LED Sets

The first thing to do is to go to the menu Settings – My Device – LED. Here we can select four different warning forms according to the message that we want to warn the phone:

* Loading, lights a red LED when charging mobile battery with the screen off * Battery low, the red LED flashes when the battery is low * Notifications, a blue LED that flashes warning messages or missed calls * Voice recording, the blue LED tells us that we are recording our voice when the screen is off * Set the tone for your Samsung Galaxy S4

In the Settings menu – My Device – Audio

The first section enables us to modify the four audio alerts that offer mobile: Multimedia, ringtone for incoming calls, notifications and system. When customizing our tones can choose a song or video, so that when we receive a call can start to sound talk about our favourite TV show, for example. The Samsung Galaxy S4 menu is very easy to configure and has achieved greater simplicity, unlike earlier versions of Android where first place was to change the songs and place them in specific folders for the system recognized them as ringtones. From the Sound section can also configure the operation of the phone, remove the sound when we touch a key, choose custom tunes by contact or by the type of application.

Set vibration Samsung Galaxy S4

Within the Settings menu – My Device – Audio

Sound The second section is the question of the vibration, here we can configure both the haptic feedback on the virtual keyboard to use as the way a call or notification vibrate. Each alert can have a different style from the six that are enabled. These modes differ in intensity, pace and duration and thus we can choose the one we think is right for the type of message, either a notification or a phone system.

Are you finished configuring to taste your Samsung Galaxy S4? What other customization options you would like to apply on your smartphone?