/The Code Jungle and How to Escape it
The Code Jungle and How to Escape it

The Code Jungle and How to Escape it

For many users, it is important to take the best number when changing providers. Here you will find information on number portability.

The number portability, or number porting, the entrainment of own phone number when changing providers. The transferability of the phone number in Germany is laid down in the Telecommunications Act (§ 46). For now, quite a great thing to be able to bring your phone number. You need to send a new phone number to friends and acquaintances, thereby saving a lot of work and costs. Its also for the contacts were not stored on the phone’s reach, finally gives you his phone number often and everywhere. Even a landline number portability is possible; it is also called Local Number Portability (LNP) or landline number porting. The Location-based phone number is this, keep in a changing supplier. The number porting within the networks of mobile communications is also known as Mobile Number Portability (MNP). In this case, the complete number, including area code, is maintained.

However, number portability has its drawbacks

However, the whole thing has a catch. Not only that the driving of their number usually costs money, no one knows yet after such a porting number the network to which the respective phone number belongs to. Each provider has its area code, to be exact even more different. Often it is hard enough to find out which network provider the particular phone number belongs. It is then difficult additionally by the entrainment of their phone number to other networks.

Not everyone has a flat. He phoned the same for all networks in minutes or monthly price. Often people have contracts in which only calls are cheap in its network, may perhaps telephone calls to German landlines. Calls to other networks are often called a lot more expensive, or not included in the monthly flat rate. The remedy in this code creates the jungle side, there was summarized for consumers which providers and phone numbers to which networks are and how to find out for sure if that’s still like that.

The chaos of

Fortunately, we have only four network operators in Germany, namely Telekom, Vodafone, E-Plus and O2. All other providers of mobile phone contracts and there are many, are only providers who buy shares of the four respective networks. Using the above information portal, can quickly identify the relevant network operator and thus, a considerable cost might be spared. Information is always worthwhile because the cost to different networks often differs significantly. Perhaps ends this code jungle as soon as the network provider finally offer flat rates to all networks on fair terms. In the case of the case in the contract should always be accurately read the Terms and Conditions.