/The FBI can Spy on us through the Android device
The FBI can Spy on us through the Android device

The FBI can Spy on us through the Android device

This was revealed by the Wall Street Journal. Thanks to a malware installed on your smartphone, you can activate the microphone at a distance

Just a malware, a small virus installed on your phone, and the FBI are able to control the microphone, enabling a pleasure to eavesdrop on our conversations or record what happens around the terminal. The news comes from the Wall Street Journal, and now it seems to only apply to computers and Android devices.

A DEPARTMENT OF HACKER – Mindful of the motto “If you can not beat the enemy allied with him,” the American detective agency for years uses the same techniques of hackers has always been defined as ‘the bad guys’ technology to control, they say, only dangerous criminals. As is apparent from the debates and judicial interrogation, the agents have constituted a veritable department that internally creates tools that can remotely control the smartphone with the Android system, the webchat, emails and computers activating microphones and cameras to turn them into a “bug” that follows us everywhere. After all, have an eye and an ear ubiquitous is the dream of every intelligence, and now it seems to become a reality without other support costs prohibitive.

OLD SYSTEMS – The systems adopted to take control of the devices are in fact known for some time in the hacking world, nothing so fictional as you might imagine but simple links sent by email, attached documents or penne Usb modified to duty that once opened or connected devices to install malware, spy program, and begin harvesting. Nothing new, then, but the fact that the most powerful investigative agency in the world admits a work of this kind makes up the tension already high in the States. According to stakeholders, the control is limited to cases of child pornography, terrorism and organized crime but the fear of total control seems ever closer, especially in the aftermath of Data-gate, the scandal that revealed espionage against U.S. diplomats foreign and collection by the government of the personal data of millions of American citizens.

EVEN THE ITALIAN – In addition to their own department, the FBI would also use outside companies to expand their skills, and the daily newspaper here is the name of an Italian company, the Hacking Team SRL of Milan, an expert in software that extracts information from cell and computer and send them to the systems that control them. “We believe that the fight against crime should be easy: we provide offensive technology effective and easy to use to law enforcement and intelligence around the world,” it says on their website, “The technology should enhance, not hinder.” It is unclear whether there is a direct link with the FBI and yet little more than a year ago, our compatriots have opened an office in Annapolis, Maryland, with the aim of spreading their software in North and South America.