/The Mobile Phone – and its never-ending Story
The Mobile Phone – and its never-ending Story

The Mobile Phone – and its never-ending Story

The history of the cell phone began 40 years ago: The American engineer Martin Cooper concluded the first call – right outside the office of his competitors

When the now 86-year-old engineer Martin Cooper and “his” company Motorola in this spring of 2013 the 40th Celebrate the birthday of cell phone, then they are a bit wrong. Because, albeit with some literary freedom, the portable cordless telephone is much earlier, in 1932, was promoted by a German on and in the world. There the father of Emil and the Detectives, Erich Kastner was viz. In the children’s book “The 35th Konrad Mayor rides in the South Seas “is, in fact, the crucial passage. Erich Kastner wrote: Suddenly came “A gentleman on the sidewalk, pulled up a phone out of his pocket, spoke into a number and called, Gertrude, listen, I am here today for lunch an hour later. I want to advance in the laboratory yet. Goodbye, darling. ‘Then he put his bag phone away again, reading a book and went his way.”

The call-in New York City

As far as the literature. In reality, the technology – now from completed developments, it looked more prosaic. In spring 1973, the American engineer Cooper had the Motorola advanced its construction to create a cordless telephone to the extent that he could go to the practical implementation. Not without some ulterior motive, he marched with his rather unwieldy apparatus in New York, the 6th Road up to the level of the Hilton Hotel. But that was not the goal: He stood right in front of the office of his colleague and arch-rival Joel Engel, who was brought on behalf of AT § T with the same developments. Not without some smugness, he sent a cell phone, the first message to the American Vice-President John Michell. On 17 October 1973, he presented his Patent No. 3,96,166 for a “Radio-/Teflon-System” field. He is finally accepted as the inventor of the modern mobile phone. Late, in 1995 and 2009, he was rebuked for its technical innovations in the field of communications and research awards.

The basic structure has remained similar

Although today is still not foreseeable development of the mobile phone is increasingly towards multifunction devices, go with features such as the Internet, IP telephony, clock, camera, MP3 player, GPS, game console, and many other applications, apps are listed, the basic structure but remained similar. As the wired telephone is the mobile phone from a speaker, a microphone, a keypad (keyboard and display) and a controller – usually a microcontroller. Additionally, it has a radio section and a separate power supply. Generally, for operating a SIM card is necessary, which is known for the identification concerning the cellular network. Already all newer cell phones also contain an interpreter for the Java programming language.