/Ways Public Surveillance Will Change In 2015
Ways Public Surveillance Will Change In 2015

Ways Public Surveillance Will Change In 2015

It’s no mystery that the world is becoming a less and less private place. From security cameras being set up at every public and even some private grounds to the CDC increasing scrutiny of more pedestrian matters, the facts are the facts. If you had thought that there was no way your life could get any less private, here are some public surveillance changes set to take effect in 2015, which will really throw you for a loop.

School Violence: It’s safe to say that President Obama doesn’t like gun violence in schools. It could be argued that no President likes this type of thing, and now Mr Obama is doing something about it. His “Now is the Time” initiative strives hard to break this cycle of violence in our schools, in part through the use of greater public surveillance. He will also try to close loopholes which let the worst of the worst slip through the cracks. Moreover by banning military assault-style rifles and the increasing availability of psychologists for troubled kids the White House is hoping that the kids begin to police themselves and that this senseless violence can be curtailed and maybe one day eliminated.

Ebola Blowback: It should come to an as little surprise that the world is a lot more freaked out over things like Ebola and other communicable diseases which could turn to pandemics. For that reason, the CDC announced recently that they are stepping up their surveillance over the repairing of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI’s). By being ever more thorough and vigilant with those who have had recent contact in these disease-prone areas, the reduction of HAI’s is something that is definitely in sight.

Increased Security: With all of the dangers out there in the world today, it’s no surprise that people and communities are striving to band together to eliminate violence from their front door. But it goes beyond even this increased citizenry policing; you can bet that there are other measures in step right now. New York City is even looking to increase their force of women by eliminating certain physical fitness thresholds which are unrealistic to be met. If you have more women walking the beat and more women in the interrogation room, you are far more likely to be getting confessionals out of the vastly more intuitive women.

With the increases in security, all the world over you might begin to feel as though you are in something of a “nanny state.” Lucky for you one person’s disdain for the programs is not going to make all these enhanced security measures simply go away. The public needs to be watched over and these increased surveillance measures more than do the trick!